Tom Owen American Artist with Tree

I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from East Carolina University in 1976 while majoring in graphic design and illustration.I began my art career both as a graphic designer for a marketing agency in Charlotte, North Carolina and studio artist. The major clients I created art for include McDonald’s, NAPA Auto Parts, Paramount’s Carowinds Theme Park and Charlottetown Players. At first my paintings were very realistic and my designs very stylized. The two styles started melding together into images that are now somewhat abstract but easily recognized. The wind and the surf and the smell in the air are in the feelings I get when composing my views of the shore. And I can feel the power of the multiverse as I build the radiance of a star. It is my hope that my art brings radiance to the smiles of those that view.

My paintings were accepted to Capricorn Galleries in Washington, DC due to the recommendation by a curator at the National Museum of American Art. This led to representation by Joe DeMers Gallery and Red Piano Gallery in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, Austin Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona, Design Center Gallery in Denver, Colorado and S.E. Feinman Fine Arts Gallery in the Soho art district in New York City. Several showings in the Los Angeles ArtExpo, New York City Expo and the Grand National Exhibition were instrumental in my acceptance to Earth Art, an international gallery in Tokyo, Japan.

Paintings are now finding their way into notable collections in the United States and Japan including the Phil Desind Collection in Washington DC, the corporate collections of Wachovia Bank and Bank of America, and the private collection of President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter. I’m currently represented by Singulart, an online fine art gallery, the largest online gallery in Europe. And Virse, NFT Marketing.