My first creative success was a body of paintings in gouache with subjects of flowers, colorful birds, small animals. These were painted photo-realistically, becoming super real and bigger than life and painted with tiny brushes for tiny details. Shadows and textures added depth and feeling and a sense of past and present.

I began painting in a lyrical fashion; pianos in a forest, a transluscent dancer dancing over a wheat field. Through my art, questions are raised. Some are fun to explore, others more challenging. With each answer you are taken a step closer to the joy I feel while creating art.

My recent paintings reflect my fascination with the Universe with all its colors and textures and physical revelations. To capture the explosive powers of the Multiverse I become animated while approaching my canvases and dance and fling and splatter! My medium is now diverse; acrylics, enamels, pastels, gels, gold leaf. My tools are varied; spray cans, broken bits of window shade, huge brushes and toothbrushes. Anything that will hold paint.

Now I have come full circle, back to the subjects of my earlier paintings. And I bring to them my joy of painting.